Art of Emotional Engagement.



Fun Day

A day spend with good people is a day spent well – It all started off when we – the employees of Zonalgo were informed about an outing with all the colleagues, heads, and the CEO himself. Excited much, we all decided mutually to spend a day out at Arena, luckily, it was our first outing trip [and a successful one] so you can imagine the level of our excitement. We all colleagues gel in together so nicely, it was one of those days where we all laughed and enjoyed every bit and this was added on our list of further to-do-lists to have these kind of outings at least once in a 3 months. A great fun packed evening ended and left us with so many cherishing memories.


We have been to Arena a couple of times and every time we all employees come together it’s a real fun experience. You don’t need to be extra more especial to be a part of such a company, it we, who make the environment so especial. We also had a workshop held in our office, where we were guided and instructed in a friendly way by our Director Operations and Planning. A little segment of friendly conversation was also set up in it, where we all shared our ideas and views; it was a real positive step towards the company’s groom.

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