5 Most Overlooked Features in Marketing

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Mar 15, 2017

5 Most Overlooked Features in Marketing


Marketing businesses are constantly working hard to find ways to give their brand awareness a boost. All marketing industry is hoping to connect to new customers and also reinforcing the relationships with the existing ones to gain long-term following.

Businesses today without having a strategic plan or framework are known to be lacking behind. And it is critical for any business to have strategy for the product or services their brand offers.

The digital marketing landscape never pauses since it is always in a continuous flux. So, missing out on minor points could turn out to be very lethal for any business organization.

And there are elements which one should take into his consideration because covering each feature is a vital point in marketing metrics. Every good marketing strategy is going to start with good research and analytics.



Whenever we talk about marketing or any business in particular then, user experience becomes the top concern since anything we market is ultimately for the users.

The mentality of a user plays an important factor and all business plan tends to prioritize the user experience above anything else.

Therefore, the user experience ultimately operates as a critical element which suggests how far into the pipeline you’ll be able to draw attention of your users.


Global Marketing


Following is the list of Marketing Features


Text Messaging Marketing (SMS):

Most business companies have ruled out the service of SMS marketing. With the emergence of new tactics, SMS marketing is losing its usage in the business field. Text messages could play an essential role in terms of cost and can target a larger audience.


Customer Testimonial/Review Section:

Adding up a customer testimonial to your website has a wide range of benefits. It accommodates building up a good reputation and keeping good customer relations. Customers or visitors can engage into some activity on your page and this could be beneficial for having their input on your services and performance.


Social Media Sidebar/Plugin – Customization:

Changing gear is as important in the marketing landscape than anything else. Since we have all marketing interlinked with social media platform. Then, it is almost a necessity to include or mention all our social media sidebars on all mediums. Today, a business organization cannot live in isolation. So, social media plugins are a mandatory feature to display on your websites, posts, ads etc.


Newsletter Marketing / Subscription Letter:

Newsletter or Subscription letter is not very common in business operations. But it is an important part of how you market yourself. Customers can get all the updates through a newsletter. Leaving such a feature would be a mistake because a subscription letter provides a sense of association to a customer for any company.


Refer a Friend  (Option):

A referral option for your customer could be extremely beneficial and of full value. Customers can trust your website if they are referred by a friend. In result, an individual might think that a company with a reference option will be a credible business organization.



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