UI UX Design Flavour

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Feb 13, 2017

UI UX Design Flavour


User Interface Design Flavour

User Interface (UI) is not about how it looks, but rather about how it works. Interface is our product. Primary aim: communication The main goal in UI design: simple & elegant, clear & consistent Good UIs let your users complete goals. When getting started on a new interface, make sure to remember these fundamentals:

1- Know your user

Your user’s goals are your goals, so learn them, observer them. Restate them, repeat them. Then, learn about your user’s skills and experience & what he want from you, and what they need. Find out which best types of interfaces they like and sit down and watch how they use them. By focusing on your user first, you will be able to create an interface that lets them achieve their goals.

2- Pay attention to patterns

Users spend the majority of their time on interfaces other than your own designs. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Those interfaces may solve some of the same problems that users perceive within the one you are creating. By using familiar UI patterns, you will help your users feel at home.

3. Stay consistent

Your users need consistency. Language, Typeface, layout, and design are just a few interface elements that need consistency. You can increase the efficiency using consistent interface that enables your users to have a better understanding of how things will work, increasing their efficiency.

4. Use visual hierarchy

Design your interface in a way that allows the user to focus on what is most important. The size, color, and placement of each element work together, creating a clear path to understanding your interface.

5. Provide feedback

Your interface should at all times speak to your user, when his/her actions are both right and wrong or misunderstood. Always inform your users of actions. Visual cues or simple messaging can show the user whether his or her actions have led to the expected result.

6. Be forgiving

No matter how clear your design is, people will make mistakes. Your UI should allow for and tolerate user error. Know how to design ways for users  to undo actions. Use your messaging as a teachable situation by showing what action was wrong, and ensure that she/he knows how to prevent the error from occurring again.

7. Empower your user

The breakdown of complex tasks into simple steps.

8. Speak their language

Keep things conversational, not sensational. Provide clear and concise labels for actions and keep your messaging simple.

9. Keep it simple

Avoid unnecessary elements. Instead, the necessary elements are make sense. Whenever you are thinking about adding a new feature/ element to interface, ask the question, “Does the user really need this?”

10. Keep moving forward

When creating a UI, you will make mistakes. Just keep moving forward, and remember to keep your UI out of the way.

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  1. Robert says:

    Thanks a lot. Great article.

  2. Kirsty says:

    Brilliantly worded article. It’s like the first article I read from this page and I found it very interesting!

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